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Ways to eliminate Dark Circles quickly and effectively


Dark circles are the dark and discolored skin area under the eyes. Dark circles are also called dark shadows or rings. There are many reasons behind their occurrence, some of them being stress or anxiety, deficiency of sleep, genetic heredity, aging, relentless crying, unhealthy eating, and viewing or working on the computer for a prolonged amount of time. Dark circles can occur in both men and women of different age groups.

While dark circles or shadows are not known to be a grave skin problem, they do affect a person’s appearance, making them look lethargic, unhealthy and aged. There are many easy ways, especially home remedies, to eliminate these dark circles quickly and effectively.

Following are the prime 10 ways that help make dark circles disappear for good:

1Almond Oil

Image result for Almond OilBeing a great natural ingredient, Almond Oil that is very helpful in taking care of the delicate skin under your eyes. When used regularly, almond oil helps in gradually fading the dark circles. You can also substitute Vitamin E oil for the same effect.

Steps to use Almond Oil Home Remedy for fading dark circles:

  • Dab a little almond oil under your eyes while covering the dark circles and spread it onto the skin gently before going to bed at night.
  • Let the almond oil cover your dark circles overnight.
  • In the morning gently clean away the oil by washing your eyes with cold water.
  • Continue the above steps daily till the dark circles disappear.


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