Home Health Water in your ear? Here’s what needs to be done:

Water in your ear? Here’s what needs to be done:


Ever felt like your ear is clogged with water when you come out a bath or after swimming? It is very common and can occur with anyone. Most of the times the thick ear wax prevents water from entering the ear canal but at times, water gets stuck within. You can feel ticklish or just irritation and can be painful as well. It can also reduce your hearing. If you don’t get the water out, it can cause eardrum inflammation, cyst formation, and even hearing loss. If the fluid is tuck in the outer ear, you easily get rid of it but if it is gone to the middle ear, you must run to a doctor to get it out before any harm can be done.

1The natural Force

Image result for The natural ForceGravity is the biggest help and easiest way to get rid of water from your ear.

  1. Just tilt your head towards the ground with the ear with water downwards. Hold your hand against the ear for a while which will create a vacuum and then the fluid will come out.
  2. You can use an earbud as well, but carefully. Use it to block the air and do no put it inside the ear.
  3. Yawning actions and chewing exercises can be helpful as well. As they stretch the ear canal and create pressure in the middle ear.


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