Home Health Want beautiful neck? Here is what you do

Want beautiful neck? Here is what you do


Dark patches on the neck are very common especially when aging. This is a skin pigmentation disorder known as acanthosis nigricans. The best thing is that it is not contagious because it is not an infection. This can happen due to sun exposure and aging. Other reasons can be ovary syndrome poor hygiene a super sudden weight loss or weight gain and diabetes.

There are many remedies that we can use to remove this discoloration of the skin on the neck. Here we bring you the top 10.

2The plant help

Image result for Aloe veraAloe vera is very famous for its skin benefits it can reduce skin spots and lighten your skin color as well. Being rich in antioxidants makes its very useful for producing new skin cells and repairing the older ones.

All you need to do is extract pure and fresh Aloe Vera Gel from the leaf, apply it on your neck and massage. Let the gel be there for about 20 minutes and then using water you can wash your neck. Following this remedy, every day will give you tremendous results.


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