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Vetiver Oil Health Benefits and Uses


Vetiver essential oil, though not so well known and famous like other essential oils like jasmine and perhaps lavender, has a lot of exemplary uses to speak of. The oil has had been used since olden times now for medical purposes and is better than the chemical medications for being natural in form. Along with having anti-inflammatory, sedative, aphrodisiac, nervine, cicatrizant and vulnerary properties, vetiver oil is also a natural antiseptic.

Let’s talk benefits!

2Cures fever

Related imageAs discussed, vetiver oil is a natural coolant which can also be of use in times of a raised body temperature, that is, fever. The easiest way to do reduce body temperature, is to add about 5 drops of the oil into a diffuser and the run it for half an hour. This process can be followed as many times as desirable throughout the day; until you see the desired results. You should first take in 5 deep inhales so as to let the oil be absorbed into your sinuses and throat for greater results. In some cases, if the oil has become old, you would see a change in consistency from thin to thick which can clog the diffuser. Fret not, the oil is not yet useless as you can mix the vetiver oil with 2 to 3 drops of peppermint or lavender oil and then add it to the diffuser. This is all the way more helpful as peppermint and lavender are anyway known to cure fever.


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