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Vetiver Oil Health Benefits and Uses


Vetiver essential oil, though not so well known and famous like other essential oils like jasmine and perhaps lavender, has a lot of exemplary uses to speak of. The oil has had been used since olden times now for medical purposes and is better than the chemical medications for being natural in form. Along with having anti-inflammatory, sedative, aphrodisiac, nervine, cicatrizant and vulnerary properties, vetiver oil is also a natural antiseptic.

Let’s talk benefits!

1A natural coolant

Related imageVetiver essential oil can be used in summers to cool down your body and regain the regular body temperature. Besides, the vetiver oil also helps the body naturally avoid heat strokes. The easiest way to get this done is to add about 10 drops of the oil to a tepid bath and soak in it for a maximum of 30 and minimum of 15 minutes. It should be known that a tepid bath is one in which the body is not immersed but wiped with a wet cloth or sponge primarily to reduce body temperature. An alternate method of attaining the same results would be to soak a cloth in vetiver oil water and let the soaked cloth sit on your forehead for some time. Vetiver aromatherapy can be of use too.



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