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Take good care of your hands: They are also important


Hands are probably the most neglected part of our body when it comes to care. We use them the most and they experience most of the wear and tear of weather, work, water and so many more things. Your hands touch so many things and you don’t cover your hands when you go out in the sunlight. Hands are those parts of the body which age the fastest and can look dull and ugly. Imagine on your engagement, when you are looking bright and shining and then you bring your hand forward for the ring ceremony, dry, discoloured skin which is shrivelled. You need to take proper care of your hands to make them look nice and maintain the softness in the palms. Here we will give you some pointers on how to make your hands look sexy and inviting. These work on all age groups, for men and women. Though we have to say that women are more concerned about all this but we are not discouraging men in taking care of their hands!

1So here we bring you ways to make your hands beautiful, soft and appealing:

  • The most common thing we need to say that you should give or get you a good manicure regularly. It is an investment for the long run, trust us. Along with hands, manicures keep your nails in a good and healthy position as well. It protects your skin against cracking, splitting and repairs the wear and tear.
  • Remember that hands and feet have the most amount of dead skin due to overuse and exposure. So exfoliate you skin as regularly as you can and get rid of the dead skin until it becomes hard and dry.
  • The back of the hands are very important and generally end being darker that the rest of the body due to too much exposure in the sunlight. SO apply a good amount of sunscreen on the back of your hands to avoid discoloration and dark spots.
  • Wash your hands properly and pat them dry, then apply moisturizer before you go to sleep. Let your hands gain the moisture they need over the night and this will kepp your hands soft and supple.
  • If you are working near harsh chemicals or clean your utensils or clothes, make sure to use a soft cleanser which is not harsh on your skin. Otherwise remember to ear gloves and then work with such items.
  • Do not bite your nails, t look bad and is very unhealthy. If you cannot handle long nails, keep them short and clean. People who like having long nails, make sure you clean them nicely they look beautiful and elegant. Long nails can look quite ghastly if you don’t take care of them. Shape them, clean them and make them look sophisticated.


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