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Organic Rutabaga For You


Also known as Swedes or Yellow Turnips, Rutabagas have been around for a lot of time and grow almost anywhere and everywhere. Rutabagas essentially belong to the  turnip family and can stand the roughest of climates, still retaining the vitamin and mineral content. It was first harvested in Europe but eventually was brought to light to the rest of the world by virtue of its extremely healthy nutrition content.

What does it taste like?
Rutabagas have a taste that is similar to something you would get if you mix turnips and cabbage; somewhat nutty and sweet to out it more clearly. The best taste is reflected when you  mash the rutabagas and get a creamy texture to then be mixed with mashed potatoes and crunch carrots for a delicious, nutritional meal. Every kind and variety tastes somewhat the same.

Let’s talk benefits!

1Prevents Cancer

Image result for Prevents CancerBelonging to the cruciferous family alike cabbage and broccoli, Rutabagas are a natural givers of glucosinolates, a compound known to prevent cancer. Hence, is highly advised to be consumed by anybody prone to or at the risk of developing cancer.



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