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Most likely effect of a Brawl-Black eye. How to remove it:


Fighting isn’t always bad, sometimes it is done to save someone’s honor or you can be trying to be a hero. So if in that process you end up getting a black eye, you deserve to know how to get rid of it. A punch in the face is the most likely reason behind getting a black eye but there can other reasons such as allergic reactions, nasal injuries, facelifts, jaw surgeries, etc.  The tissues around the eye are damaged and the eye becomes black which can be quite painful. It also causes headaches and blurry vision. Here we will give you some remedies that can help you get rid of black eye super fast. Though if your eye is cut and you feel dizzy or giddy you must go to a doctor immediately.

3Hog the Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is very important for your healing process as it thickens the blood vessel walls. So try to eat a lot of foods which are rich in vitamin C such as lemons, oranges, mangoes, broccoli, peppers, gooseberries, etc. You can also take Vitamin C supplements which will provide for the Vitamin C needs of your body.


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