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Most likely effect of a Brawl-Black eye. How to remove it:


Fighting isn’t always bad, sometimes it is done to save someone’s honor or you can be trying to be a hero. So if in that process you end up getting a black eye, you deserve to know how to get rid of it. A punch in the face is the most likely reason behind getting a black eye but there can other reasons such as allergic reactions, nasal injuries, facelifts, jaw surgeries, etc.  The tissues around the eye are damaged and the eye becomes black which can be quite painful. It also causes headaches and blurry vision. Here we will give you some remedies that can help you get rid of black eye super fast. Though if your eye is cut and you feel dizzy or giddy you must go to a doctor immediately.

1Ice it up

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The first thing you need to do is apply an ice pack on your eye. This will stop the eye from getting worse and make the healing faster. An ice pack constricts the blood vessels which lessens the internal bleeding. It is also pain-relieving but you must never rub the ice pack on the delicate tissues near your eyes. Also never apply ice directly on your skin, a bag of frozen vegetables or a piece of frozen meat can also be used. Here is how you can use it:

  1. Take some cubes of ice and wrap them in a cotton or muslin cloth. Make sure the cloth is clean. Keep it against the skin around the eye for about 10 minutes and then let your skin breath. Keep doing this for the first 2 days after the injury.
  2. You can also buy a proper ice pack from a medical store and use that for the same process.


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