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Let’s be lice- less


There are millions of kids and adults who suffer from lice infestation. It is not always the lack of hygiene that makes these lice make your heads their homes. There tiny less than 2 millimeters long insects who infest on human scalps and need blood to survive. They lay their eggs which are called nits and grow in huge numbers. Thank god they are flightless.  Though these are found in almost all age groups, this condition is most common to kids between the ages of 3-14. They are actually easily spreading and can be transferred through combs, clothes, bedding, physical contact, etc. How will you get to know that you have lice? It will itch and you can feel then crawling as well. Red bumps on the scalp are also an indication. Treat it as soon as possible otherwise, it is bound to spread and make life much more hectic than it already is. Using a nit comb and handpicking is effective but who has the time and effort for it? So here are a few tricks that can help:

2Mayo is also a multi-purpose

Related imageThe Minnesota Department of Health has listed Mayonnaise as an acceptable and healthy method to get rid of head lice. It suffocates the lice and kills them.

  1. Apply mayonnaise to your hair meticulously. Don’t be greedy, apply it nicely.
  2. Cover your hair tightly, using a towel or plastic cover or shower cap.
  3. Let it be on your head for 5-6 hours.
  4. Then shampoo your hair like usual.
  5. Use a hairdryer to dry your hair so that the hot air kills the little monsters.
  6. Then use the nit comb to fully remove the lice.
  7. You will have to do this once a week for 2 months to be absolutely sure.


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