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Key Ingredient To Change Your Life For The Better: Gratitude


“Gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues, it the parent of all the others. ” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

I remember that once my grandmother told me ” darling, you should be grateful for the small things that otherwise go unnoticed in life.” I was a small girl at that time, hence I applied it diligently – being grateful for the little things in life. In the process of growing up, with time I forgot the importance of my grandmother’s advice, but in 2010 I tried to remember it again when my life became full of suffering.

1Change in Life

My significant other from America and I had not seen each since a year now, due to the fact that American Immigration Laws give no recognition to same-sex couples. Another reason that she and I were apart was our poor financial condition.

In July 2010, I lost my father and at that time I had hit rock bottom. Life surpassed me. My sadness overpowered me. Life became heavy and unbearable like a bitter storm washing away all my dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

I realized that I could not give up. The words of my grandmother resonated in my heart. I sent an email to my significant other telling that I want to make a list of things I am grateful for and I asked her to do the same. I encouraged her towards noticing the small things in life and letting the whole universe know about it.

Gradually, slowly and steadily we began to shift our focus away from the negativity in our lives, the pain of being apart from each other to the little positive things in our life. I became grateful for the peace I enjoyed in my house in New Zealand, for being able to have food every day, for nice weather.



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