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How To Get Rid Of A Rash Under Breasts


One of the most common and physically frustrating problem that most, if not all, women encounter are rashes under their breasts. Rashes under breast area are mostly caused by a form of irritant dermatitis. This condition is medically known as intertrigo, which is characterized by inflammation of the skin folds.

Heat, lack of air circulation, excessive sweating and wearing ill-fitted bras that rub against the breasts are some of the most common causes of breast rashes. A hot and humid climate and obesity are also some common factors that contribute to this problem. A moist environment harbors several germs and is conducive to the formation of yeast infections and fungal infections which are also likely causal factors of breast rashes. Sometimes, allergic reactions or infections arising in the breast tissue occurring due to breastfeeding are responsible for causing this condition.

Breast rashes often cause a burning sensation, leading to itchiness, the formation of red patches, dryness, all of which are of great discomfort to women everywhere. While there are some simple and natural remedies to get relief from breast rashes, immediately check in with a doctor for a consult if there are signs of infection.

1Cold Compress

Image result for Cold Compress Under BreastsA cold compress is a very simple and effective way of getting relief from many of the symptoms of breast rashes, such as itching and burning sensations.

  • Inside a thin cotton towel, wrap some ice and place it over the affected area for 5-10 minutes. Take a break and then repeat.


  • Apply a combination of equal parts of skim-milk and cold-water compress in order to relieve itching and reduce swelling.


  • Take showers in cold water. Cold water helps close skin pores, which reduces sweating, thereby completely preventing the formation of rashes.


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