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Health Benefits of Almonds


The health benefits yielded from almonds are immense, varied and far-reaching which makes it every household’s top pick to avoid/cure heart and brain disorders, diabetes
constipation, respiratory disorders, coughs, and even impotence. Other commonly known benefits of almonds include making quality of hair better, treating psoriasis and making teeth and gums strong.

1What are Almonds really?

Related imageAlmonds essentially are seeds nurtured from the almond tree, the scientific name for which is Prunus Dulcis. Almonds are predominantly found in places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Israel and they are native to the Middle East, India, and North Africa but have lately also been sold extensively in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Israel as well. Taste wise, almonds are either sweet or bitter – there is no in between. However, only the sweet almonds are edible whereas the other type is used to extract almond oil which is beneficial for hair and can also be used in food preparation. Sweet type is also commonly added to salads.

Apart from the oil, Almond milk is another extraction from almonds which, apart from being extremely delicious, also actually happens to be more nutritious even than the cow’s milk and is 100 percent organic in nature. Almonds can be eaten in many ways; the most convenient being direct consumption or overnight soaking of the seeds. Eating soaked almonds in the morning on empty stomach is also believed to improve an individual’s memory. One can also crush the almond and use it for food garnishing purpose. It is also added in many Asian dessert dishes like kheer, halwa, malpua and many others.




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