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Hangover ? Let’s fix it


Remember the feeling of nausea and headache when you get up in the morning after a beautiful party night or weekend with drinks? Well hangover is quite common and can be quite irritating as the same time. Your could end up feeling lethargic, photophobic, sensitive to noise, confused, moody, giddy and dizzy. You will have bad breath, body pain or an accelerated heartbeat.  Too much of alcohol also soils your liver, gastrointestinal system and can be harmful for the brain and nervous system. So you must get rid of this hangover super fast. The one actual cure of hangover is nothing but time. Nevertheless some things and remedies can be used to reduce the effects and symptoms.

1Stay hydrated

Image result for Stay hydratedWater is the best solution to a confused mind and stomach. It dissolves all the impurities left in your stomach and rehydrates your body after the effect of alcohol. Make sure your drink at least 10 glasses of water throughout the day to bring your body and mind back on track. Remember that beverages with caffeine contribute to dehydration, so avoid those.



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