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What does Corona Virus do to the body and how can it be prevented?


People fear what they don’t know which is why it’s best to understand all that you can about Corona Virus. This will keep you from getting caught up in all the myths and false news that’s constantly spreading about the virus. First identified in Wuhan, China, the virus appears to affect the body in a systematic process that seems to be connected. Here’s how the virus affects the body;


Since Corona Virus is a respiratory disease, the infection starts and ends in the lungs. The viruses spread when an infected person spreads the droplets containing the virus to individuals in close proximity (6 feet range) by either coughing or sneezing. Symptoms of the Corona Virus are similar to those of the flu. An infected person will start having a fever and a cough which later transitions to pneumonia or worse.

It is reported that there are three phases through which the disease attacks the lungs. They include replication of the virus, Hyper-reactivity of the immune system, and pulmonary destruction. However, early data shows that Close to 18 percent of the cases reported respiratory failure, while the others reported milder symptoms.

102.Hyperreactivity of the immune system.

Viral invasion causes the body to step up and attempt to get rid of the disease by filling the lungs with white blood cells intended to kill the virus and restore the lung tissue. When a person is healthy, this process only takes place in the infected areas. However, sometimes this inflammatory process doesn’t go as normal and the immune cells destroy everything in their path not exempting healthy tissue. This means that the immunity now works against the body instead of working for the body. The end result of this is further clogging of the lungs and worsening of pneumonia.


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