Mon. May 20th, 2019

Benifits of applying castor oil to hair

Castor oil is highly recommended by dermatologists for any kind of hair problems. There is an infinite number of testimonials which would prove the worth of this miracle oil loaded with healthy nutrients beneficial to both hair and skin. Vitamin E and fatty acid present in castor oil help in restoring damaged hair while Ricinoleic acid has the properties of being anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, hence preventing any kind of infections in the scalp. Castor oil is concentrated and difficult to apply, unlike other oils. It is advised to warm the oil in small quantity and massage onto hair to reap maximum benefits. Cold pressed or organic castor oil which is pale yellow in colour is made without using any kind of heat. This is best used to treat tarnished hair which need an intense repair system while there is also another kind of castor oil called Jamaican Black, made by roasting the seeds and then extracting oil. The charring, leads to the intense black colour of oil. This kind of oil is most likely to maintain the lustrous quality of the hair and provide protection against harsh environmental conditions. Read on to find the key benefit of castor oil for hair.

  • Promotes hair growth – Vitamin E and fatty acids present in castor oil contain antioxidants which maintain hair growth. Moreover, the Ricinoleic and Omega-6 fatty acid help in increasing blood circulation which helps in hair growth. Initial stages of baldness can also be undone by regular use of castor oil.
  • Reduces breakage – Massaging the roots with castor oil makes them strong and less prone to damage. It also unclogs the pores and strengthens hair follicle resulting in lustrous healthy waves. The modern lifestyle calls for a lot of styling which includes heat treatments too but regular use of castor oil can help to regain the natural bounce of hair and make them healthy again.
  • Treats dandruff – Those white flakes on the scalp could be irritating but here is a saviour. Castor oil is the only one with ricinoleic acid present in it which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It helps to eradicate dandruff from scalp and prevents from reoccurrence.
  • Moisturizes – The concentrated oil helps to maintain the moisture content and hence enriches the scalp. Applying castor oil helps in cell regeneration and also activate the natural oils of skin which helps in maintaining the ph balance. Natural oils maintain a healthy scalp and deeply condition the hair eradicating the need to use any chemical based conditioners.
  • Tames frizzy hair – Hairstyles look weird with the flyaways which emerge out of nowhere. Lots of women do face the problem of frizzy hair which is also a kind of damage which occurs due to harsh environment and lack of proper care. Shampooing seems to be a nightmare for peeps with frizzy hair but castor oil can be used to get rid of this problem as well. The moisturizing and revitalizing properties of castor oil can help to keep to hair at place and provide grace to any kind of hairstyle.

The best method to reap all these benefits of castor oil is by applying a small quantity of oil onto the scalp at night and leaving it to work its magic till the next morning. Wash off as you would usually do. Applying at least 30 minutes before bath can also be helpful in case of time cringe.

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