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Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Vessel You Should Know

The tremendous health benefits of consuming water from a copper vessel include a proper balance of tridosha, proper digestion, it helps in killing bacteria, helps the heart function better and heals wounds faster, etc. etc.

Consuming water from a copper vessel stored overnight means consuming all the goodness which copper possesses. It helps maintain a healthy heart and mind.

Ayurveda believes and also proves that the secret behind drinking water stored in a copper vessel is that it helps fight the “Doshas”. It also prevents them from coming back.

It is proven that storing water in copper vessels pays a huge role in the welfare of our health. Also, it adds all the positivity by percolating the water present inside the vessel.

Copper is rich in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore to this, it is antioxidant in nature and possesses anti-carcinogenic traits.

For best results, story water in a copper vessel overnight and drink it the next morning, empty stomach.

Here are a few health benefits that are observed due to regular consumption of water from a copper vessel.

Against Harmful Microbes

Copper has sterilizing properties and thus drinking water from a copper vessel can boost your immune system. It accentuates, help protect and prevent many diseases from happening to you due to the harmful microorganisms present around us.

Copper has also be seen fighting waterborne diseases such as jaundice, cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea, keeping you fit and helps to fight the harmful microbes like bacteria and fungi.

Aids in Healthy Digestion

Copper, because of its antimicrobial properties also helps in fighting stomach ulcers and infections.

It helps in detoxifying your entire body system and pushes out any toxins that may be present in your digestive system, thereby leading you towards having healthy digestion.

In addition, it also helps in the absorption of food nutrients effectively.

Maintains a Healthy Heart

Studies have shown copper helps maintain your blood pressure, cholesterol and a healthy heart rate. It prevents clotting or dilating the blood in blood vessels.

This obviously helps in a better flow of blood and takes good care of your heart. Copper vessels, therefore, helps you fight against heart diseases and diminishes the chances of having an outbreak of heart disease.

Stimulates a Healthy Brain

Copper water leads to a better neuron sheaths synthesis which takes place in the synapses of your brain which results in the working of your brain more efficiently.

The percolated minerals provide your brain with simulations that help prevent seizures and helps the brain in working flawlessly.

The Thyroid Gland

Usually, patients with abnormal thyroid gland actions have a prominent lack of copper in their body and their active diet.

Drinking water rich in the copper mineral can surely help them overcome and prevent thyroid problems, thereby supplying an appropriate amount of essential mineral needed and curb the deficiency.

Against Joint Inflammation

As we have mentioned before, copper has enough anti-inflammatory properties that help in finding relief against any inflammation that occurs in the human body. Thus, it also provides relief in inflammation in joints that eventually could have lead to arthritis.

Copper, the multi-faceted mineral also helps in relieving painful arthritic joints, helps in strengthening the core of your bones, keeping you away from bone aches and soreness.

Heals Wounds Faster

Coppers antibacterial properties and antiviral characteristics can help your wounds heal quickly. As aforementioned, it also boosts your immunity system multiple times. As a result, it accentuates cell growth in your body and thus heals wounds as fast as possible.

Decelerates Ageing

The core mineral helps fight the free radicals off because of the presence of rich anti-oxidant traits of copper.

This helps fight off the fine lines that tend to appear on our faces by replacing the old, dead skin cells with new, young ones. Thus copper water also helps your skin remain young for long.

Prevents Cancer

Copper possesses anti-carcinogenic properties. These are the properties which help the human body a great deal in fighting off the cancer-causing cells due to its anti-oxidant traits.

Make it a habit to drink copper water and keep cancer 10 feet away from your body!

Fights Anemia

Copper enables our body to complete ample processes that are necessary for its regular functioning. One of its vital functions is that it absorbs all the iron that we feed on, in our blood.

This prevents anemia and any other blood diseases one may be suffering from. Therefore, copper miraculously helps keep anemia in our body at bay.

During Pregnancy

For pregnant ladies, it becomes essential to be safe from all the other infections and illnesses and make sure the health of their little one is at par.

Thus, consuming water rich in copper mineral serves the purpose for them to keep their baby and their health at the best possible notch.

Helps Your Skin

This antioxidant-rich mineral leaves you with beautiful, healthy looking glowing skin. In addition, it boosts the formation of the new generation of cells in your body.

This thus allows our skin to get rid of all the old cells and in turn be replenished with new ones.

Supports Weight Loss

Apart from improving the digestive metabolism in our body, copper also helps curb the excessive fat that our body tends to retain. This helps us maintain the figure and stay in shape.

We strongly advise you to add a simple copper vessel to your life and prevents all the diseases that could happen.

Soak in its goodness, purity, and nutrients and lead a fulfilling life, full of happiness!

Precautions While Using Copper Water Vessel

  • Consult a physician, check for any possible allergies you could have from any metal to your immune system.
  • Wash the Copper Vessel with a soft cotton scrub pad so that copper doesn’t scrape off.
  • Use Lemon or Baking Soda to clean the vessel to obtain the best results.

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