Mon. May 20th, 2019

8 Flavours of Cake Which You Can Try at Your Home

flavours of cake

Whenever there is a celebration there has to be a cake.  Cakes form the best dessert, so it is the center of attention. In addition, when cakes are decorated with beautiful icing it just becomes a treat to the eye. There are different flavours of cake which makes a sweet lover confused on which one to choose, while it gives the baker the platform to show its creative skills. This article will tell you about the 8 best flavours of cake that you can try out at home.

1. Red velvet flavour

This one has been growing its popularity since 2014.  According to the recent reports from genuine cakes, this cake tends to be the symbol of affection. In addition, this flavour of cake is the mix of vanilla and chocolate and usually paired with ice cream frosting.

2. Chocolate flavour

Chocolate comes with a wide variety of pairing and hence it becomes the best flavour for your home. This flavour is liked by masses and to make it extraordinary delicious you can mix with flavours such as strawberry, orange, and mint.

3. Raspberry combined with the white chocolate flavour

This is a winning flavour combination that has been appreciated by all.  When richness of white chocolate is combined with the fruitiness of raspberry, it just tastes divine. Doesn’t matter if the filling comes in the form of raspberry cream, raspberry jam, and regular raspberry filling when combined with traditional chocolate it just tastes delicious.

4. Lemon flavour 

Lemon tends to be one of the popular flavour trends in 2018.   If you are a person who doesn’t like rich and heavy flavour then lemon is the perfect choice for you. In order to make it more attractive and delicious, mix the lemon flavour with whipped cream, strawberries and raspberries.

5. Vanilla flavour

 If you can’t make your mind on which flavour to choose for your cake, then it advisable that go with vanilla. This is a standard flavour for homemade cakes and you can’t go wrong with this. The most basic cake for home comes with frosting from any fruit or cream. In addition, vanilla flavour represents fun flavour and it’s definitely a family pleaser.

6. Lime and coconut flavour

Lime and coconut flavour combined with good frosting is a match that even heaven approves. This cake forms to be the best for those families who prefer rich and sweet flavour rather than a choc lately flavour. To make it flawless top it up with cheese frosting

7. Ping champagne flavour

This flavour is highly popular since it has the ingredient champagne in it. The pink color is made possible with the help of with a food coloring dye. In addition, to make it even better , top this flavour with Bavarian white cream and flavoured custard.

8. Carrot flavour

This is a perfect cake for families who don’t want anything fancy. The cake formed with this flavour tends to be dense and moist because the carrot is the main component.  In addition, this flavour forms a great alternative for chocolate and vanilla. To make it flawless top it up with vanilla and chocolate.

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