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7 Foods to Prevent a Deadly Blood Clot


Blood clots that become lodged deep inside the veins of our legs square measure referred to as deep vein occlusion or DVT, and that they may be deadly. Not solely will the clot block blood flow to the affected space, it will generally break loose and travel the center or lungs wherever it’s the potential to cause death.

Certain sicknesses increase your risk for DVT, together with cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory internal organ unwellness, and familial action disorders. however, there’s a risk for anyone, even in the absence of those conditions. That’s why it’s thus vital to remember the role that diet plays within the formation of DVT. there’s truly heaps that you simply will do to form a distinction.

Luckily, DVT is treatable if you catch it early enough. however, why take the danger once it’s very easy to considerably lower your odds of developing a clot simply by feeding additional delicious foods?

None of the seven clot-prevention foods on our list ought to be difficult to feature to your diet. In fact, we have a tendency to guarantee you’re reaching to love #7 – we have a tendency to saved the simplest for last!

2Eat a Kiwi

A diet high in fruits and vegetables is vital for health on such a big amount of levels, together with the interference of DVT. However, researchers from the University of Oslo|national capital|port} in Norway recommend that edible fruit rises on top of the remainder in terms of preventing dangerous clots. Their study found that folks United Nations agency Greek deity 2-3 kiwi fruits day by day had lower living substance activation, the mechanism by that blood clots, than those that Greek deity none.

Lower living substance activation interprets to a lower risk of blood clots, and kiwi was conjointly found to lower cholesterin levels. however, don’t worry if you don’t like kiwi. alternative fruits that contain salicylates, that inhibit clotting, embody oranges, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, grapes, raisins, and prunes.


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