Mon. May 20th, 2019

5 Unbelievable tricks on how to clean makeup brushes

 Makeup hygiene is very important whether you are a professional or own simple makeup kit. Brushes should be kept clean, sanitized and free of makeup. A bacterium grows in old leftover makeup residue of brushes, also transfers to the skin. So take the makeup brushes and try the 5 unbelievable tricks to clean them.

Antibacterial Dish soap/hand wash and olive oil

In a small bowl take 2 parts of dish soap and 1 part of olive oil. The dish soap has antibacterial properties to clean the bacteria and the extra virgin olive oil breaks down oil and dirt which works wonders for removing makeup. Agran oil can also be used as an alternative of olive oil. Mix the soap and oil well and an instant DIY makeup brush cleaner ready. After cleaning wash the brushes under water and air dry them.

2. Micellar water

Micellar water can remove makeup from the skin by the formation of micelles. It can also be used as an instant makeup brush cleaner. In a spray bottle pour the micelles water and instant brush cleaner is ready. Just spray on the brush and wipe it. Brushes dry quickly in this process.

Alcohol can also be mixed for the disinfectant purpose.

3. Vinegar + warm water

Vinegar is a good cleaning agent. In a bowl mix two parts of warm water and 1 part of vinegar. Dip the bristles of makeup brushes in the mixture and swirl for 1 minute until the oil caked and old makeup residue loosens. Then rinse the brushes under lukewarm water to get rid of the smell of vinegar from the bristles. Wipe bristles with a cloth for reshaping the bristles and air dries them.

4. Baby shampoo

Baby shampoo seems gentler than regular shampoo so it’s good for bristles of the brush to keep them soft without drying them out. In a small bowl pour some lukewarm water and add a drop of baby shampoo. Soak the brushes in the mixture for 15 minutes and then rinse in water. While rinsing makes sure to always keep the head of the brush facing down so that water doesn’t get into the base because of this it losses the glue and the bristles start shedding. Pat dry the bristles with a clean cloth and let it air dry.

5. The Mat Method

The brush cleaning mat is a mat which has the texture of different patterns that breaks up the caked makeup of bristles in the brushes. In the mat pour a few drops of olive oil and baby shampoo depending on the number of brushes and some drops of water for lathering. Swirl the brushes in back and forth motions for cleaning the brushes. Then rinse them in water and air dry them overnight.

Final thoughts

Brushes are the most important tool for achieving flawless makeup, so if it’s been quite a while since you have not to clean them, then you should. Cleaning those pigments and eye shadow in the sink is very satisfying to watch.

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