Mon. May 20th, 2019

5 Best Exercises for Flat Stomach

Everybody dreams of having a flat stomach, but getting it, is not everybody’s cup of tea.  Skipping a meal or doing an extensive diet won’t maker your stomach flat. Burring out the excess calories is the key to a slim and flat-out stomach. Thus all you need to do is take time off your busy schedule and dedicate it in having a good lifestyle.  This article will enlighten you about the top 5 exercises that will help you to achieve that flat stomach that you dream for.

1. Bicycle crunch


This is one of the best exercises that will only take 10 minutes of your time. This exercise is dedicated to make target with your abdomen.  Fitness experts say that doing this exercise will spot your abdomen with increased precision and agility.  Some of the benefits of this exercise can be stated as follows

  • Gives strength to your core.
  • Gives strength to your back and lower abdomen.
  • Improves your muscle group mainly the secondary ones.

Instruction to be followed

1, Rest your body flat on the floor and then put your hands behind your back in a supine position

2. Just lift your leg above the ground, and start slowly pedalling in the air. Keep in mind that your shoulders should move too simultaneously

2. Plank


This exercise will not only improve your core but it will also improve your strength and endurance. This level of exercise can be done by beginners or by experienced trainers.

Instructions to be followed

1. Place your forearms and toes on the floor in such a way that your whole body must rest on it.

2. Be in this position for quick 10 seconds, ensuring that your hips do not get bend during the workout.

3. Take some time off and then do the next set of plank for 10 seconds again.

3. Ball slam


One of the best exercises to ensure a flat stomach since it hits your abdominal area. In addition, this exercise targets your whole body while giving importance to shoulders and lower back 

Instructions to be followed

  1. Take a medicine ball and stand straight .
  2. Take the ball above your head to start the exercise.
  3. Then swing the ball at a rapid rate to the ground and catch it.

4. Squat


This exercise concentrates on your lower abdomen and also helps you in keeping endurance and posture.  Please note that your body weight is enough to perform such exercise but you could do it with the help of dumbbell or barbell for improved resistance and customizability


  1. Stand straight in such a way that your feet are in equal width your arms. In addition, keep your face and arms parallel to the floor.
  2. Pushing the hips backward, slowly move your knees to the downward direction.
  3. Repeat the exercise after you have done for 10 seconds straight.

5. Mountain climber


This exercise is the once place destination for your flat stomach. It contains all the features of the exercise mentioned above so obviously, it will increase your endurance.

Instructions to be followed

  1. Make your body comfortable in plank position.
  2. After that pull one knee towards your chest and then bring the other knee at a rapid pace. Once done bring the one knee to the initial position.
  3. Continue doing the exercise with short intervals of time.

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