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13 Striking benefits of Tea Tree Oil


Before we start, let us first get one idea straight. The tea Tree essential oil we are talking about is not the same as the tea plant from which our favourite beverage comes. That is a plant; this Tea ‘Tree’ Oil is also different from the oil which is extracted from the tea plant seed. Native to the Southeast Queensland and New South Wales, Australia, this oil is quite famous there.  It has a botanical name of Melaleuca alternifolia.  It has antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. This oil has a lot power when it comes to healing.

The properties of this essential oil are proved to be helpful for almost all illnesses and infections. In Australia, it is found in almost every household, specifically in those houses with children. It is considered wondrous and miraculous since ancient times due its versatile healing properties. With all of this we must remember that this oil is for external use only and proves poisonous when ingested. Now let’s look at the various benefits of tea tree essential oil:


Image result for AntibacterialAustralian area is filled with the Tropics. Due to excessive rain and humidity, most of the infections and bacteria are bred in the tropical region. Along with that the cure to such infections as well.  Tea tree is one such example; its healing properties can prove miraculous for almost every infection and against any bacteria. T can be used for the treatment of diseases such as tuberculosis and bacterial infection in the stomach, urinary system, colon, etc. If he wounds are open, this oil can be used to protect them from bacterial infection.



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