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10 Natural Ingredients To Make Your Feet Soft And Smooth


Cracked feet are very common and can cause a lot of discomfort. Not to forget they stop you from wearing all kinds of shoes. This condition basically takes place due to lack of enough water in the body. The skin becomes patched, dry and your heels start to crack. Walking barefoot a lot can also cause this problem. Everything put aside, it is quite easy to get rid of dry and cracked feet. Using some basic everyday things that you find in your kitchen, you can treat this condition.

2Cocoa Butter magic

Image result for Cocoa Butter magicCocoa butter is very useful for the skin as it naturally moisturizes the skin and repairs the dry and damaged skin cells. It is rich in Vitamin E which makes it beneficial for the skin in all ways possible. The most effective way of using cocoa butter is to take it fresh and applying it on feet directly. Wear cotton socks and leave it for the night. Due to the socks the skin will nicely soak the cocoa butter and you will see soft and beautiful feet in the morning.


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