Mon. May 20th, 2019

10 high waisted jeans for women- 2019 style

There was a time when wearing low waist jeans were in fashion because it made you look so cool.  As a matter of fact, in 2018, every woman wore low waist jeans because that was in fashion, and they needed to follow the trend. 

In 2019 people started to release that low waisted jeans only made their waistline big and how uncomfortable it was started to get.  When women started to wear high waistline jeans they immediately realized how comfortable high waistline jeans can get. This article is going to list the top 10 high waist jeans that you can wear in 2019.

1. Good American

Women’s who have tried out these jeans say that they are a godsend. Meaning they fit you perfectly like a glove. In addition, with these jeans you can sit all day in your sofa and bed and it will still look like a rigid pair of jeans. 

2. Madewell

This beauty’s is a top favourite among the customers because of its fitting.  Customers say that it is flawless and the length of the jeans can be adjusted according to their convenience.

3. American eagle

This one is a top favorite is 2019 because they wider in the angle and perfectly tapered to the leg. Your angles won’t be constrained and you will get all the benefit of skinny jeans.

4. J brand

Yes, this jean can be a little pricey, but they can be used as your daily driver. The fit is excellent and gets better and better with everyday wash.

5. Everlane

They are preferred because they provide you mutual benefits. Meaning you can enjoy the denim feel on these jeans while enjoying a good amount of stretch.

6. Toothpick jeans

Known because of its good stretch and lightweight distribution. In addition, your curves can be highlighted perfectly with these jeans.

7. Luxe skinny jeans

The waistband that is present in these jeans ensures that the jeans remain high waisted at all time. Has a four pocket styling and fits easily like a legging.

8. Rock star jeans

Rockstar jeans have round midsection and do not come with an hourglass shape so it makes them perfect jeans fit. In addition, they eliminate the use of muffin top and the tall length can make your legs look long.

9. Road tripper jeans

These jeans are lightweight and stretchy and they can reach to your belly button. They don’t stretch out after washing so you can wear these for a long time without washing.

10. High rise skinny jeans

The main highlight of this kind of jeans is comfort. Customers say that these jeans feel like that they are wearing sweat pants. They are available in a variety of colors and in all sizes.

Final thoughts

All the above-mentioned jeans are the top favorites of 2019. Following this guide, you will able to get the best high waist jeans available in the market.  Some of the other noteworthy mentions in this list can be retro jeans, Megan Markle jeans, and flattering silhouette.

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