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10 Foods You Will Never Touch Again Knowing This


There are so many foods that we love and just cannot resist. We never even think of knowing how they are made and how does it matter many of you may say. Well, very soon you will realize it does matter, and in fact, these will become the 10 foods you will never touch again knowing this. After knowing what is probably the question now running in your mind, so, continue reading and discover your answer.

9Mountain Dew

How many of you love to quench your thirst with a can of Mountain Dew? This one is for you. This drink contains a whole lot of chemical and the citrus flavour that you enjoy is created using the chemical known as BVO (brominated vegetable oil). Do you know where else is this chemical used? In a flame retardant and other sodas like Fanta Orange, Squirt, Fresca Orginal Citrus, and so on.


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