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10 Facts about International Women’s Day

international womens day

International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide on March 8th. Today most of us at least know our rights and are trying desperately to break free from the shackles of patriarchy. Some strong-willed women have revolted against injustices and provided their co-gender with some relief from the barbarous past. There is a lot which the present generation should fathom other than merely knowing the date. So here are ten interesting facts about International Women’s Day.

  1. Origin- Here is a surprise! Celebrations of International Women’s Day started in 1911 which is over a century now. Rebellion against the oppression of womanhood had started long ago but was not strong enough to create a worldwide rage. Hence the commemoration of International Women’s Day was not even known to many.
  2. Founder- 100 women from 17 countries met in Copenhagen and unanimously supported the idea of Clara Zetkin who was a women’s rights activist to celebrate a day each year to promote equal rights including the right to vote to women.
  3. Celebrations in different countries- Although it was unanimously decided to celebrate womanhood, it took time for the get incorporated. Russia declared March 8th as a national holiday after the women gained their right to vote on the same date. The United Nations began celebrating this day only in 1975.
  4. Colour- The official logo consists of three colours which are purple depicting justice and dignity, green portraying hope and white considered as a symbol of purity. White is not used nowadays since the interpretation of purity is quite controversial.
  5. Holiday- International Women’s Day is observed as a national holiday in almost 15 countries including Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Ukraine. Several other countries grant leave only to women and there are also places where the day is casually ignored.
  6. Revival- The end of 2000 saw a set back when feminism and women empowerment seemed to be a distant dream. United Nations took charge of celebrating this day with the motive to create gender equality and curb violence against women.
  7. Theme- Every year the UN celebrates this day with a unique theme to inspire the woman fulfill whatever they have dreamt. The first aim introduced in 1996 was “Celebrating the past, Planning for the future”.
  8. Achievements- Women’s Day in 2016 saw a historic event when Air India flew the world’s longest non-stop flight from Delhi to San Francisco of 14,500 km with only female attendees in 17 hrs. Not a single male crew was on board. Today there are many flights independently taken care off by only women.
  9. The year 2019- The vision of the UN for the current year is “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for change” where the insight is to empower women in every aspect of life. The UN is also sharing stories of incredible women who have done miracles in their lives and are capable of inspiring other members of their gender.
  10. International Men’s Day- There is not just a day for the woman but the men too have got one day dedicated to them which is celebrated on 19th November.

Lionizing just one day to the upliftment of women is not going to bring any change but working for it continuously may definitely bring some kind of difference in the position of women in the society.

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