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10 easy ways to get rid of blood blisters


Blood blisters are nothing but damaged blood vessels under the skin surface. They look dark red, liquid-filled and are found to be very painful and agitating.

Any external damage to the skin like pinching, squeezing etc can cause blood blisters, usually on the hands and feet. With time, blood blisters usually heal and do not need extra attention. But, there are some home remedies which help in relieving the pain and prevent infection. Make sure to never tamper with the blisters by popping them or pinching them because that could cause infection.

Below are some of the most effective ways of getting rid of blood blisters. The first method is the easiest and the most promising.


Image result for IceApplying an ice pack to the blisters should be the first treatment given to it. The icy temperature will tighten the affected blood vessels and will result in the reduction of swelling and internal bleeding. If you’ve run out of ice at home, you could also use a frozen bag of peas or a frozen spoon. The point is the give cold temperature to the blister.

Take a small plastic bag and fill it with ice cubes. Then wrap the pack of ice in a towel and apply it on the blister. Do this for 10 minutes. Keep changing the ice as needed. Repeat the procedure several times a day as required.

Remember to not apply ice directly on the blister as it may cause an ice burn.



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