Mon. May 20th, 2019

10 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Life

bad habits

Everyone these days have more than one or two bad habits. Some are addicted to smoking and some are addicted to cannabis and tobacco. Things started to get tense when you start developing multiple bad habits. These bad habits can injure health and fitness seriously. Before it’s to let recover from health problems, this article will enlighten you about the 10 bad habits that you must avoid at any cost.

1. Eating when you are not hungry

When people eat when they are not hungry they usually come with excuses such as stress eating or comfort eating. When you do this, your body starts developing diabetes and heart disease. This happens due to the fact that your body is taking excess food which is not needed.

2.  Being a junk food

Junk food harms your body than you can imagine. Yes, fast food joints deliver you fast delivery of food when you are on the run, but that does not mean it is giving you a healthier lifestyle. They are degrading you with each passing day. Indeed burgers, pizza‘s and processed food are tasty as it but that comes with a cost. The cost is damaging your excess fat and illness.

3. TV addict

Television is a bad habit that is seen in teenagers and adult these days. Older people who are retired and not working always find peace in watching television. On the contrary, younger people are addicted to TV shows from Netflix and HBO. Constant watching of television makes your eyes defective and cause memory loss.

4. Smoking

People these days find an excuse to smoke these days. They are tensed they smoke, they are happy they smoke. The display picture in the packet of cigarettes come s with caution. It practically shows how it can harm your body. Still, people do it to escape tension and reality. Smoking has serious health effects like lung cancer and heart disease.

5. Painkillers

Painkillers are used to give you instant relief when in pain.  Taking painkillers for a longer period of time can cause high blood pressure, liver disease, and gastrointestinal bleeding. Thus it is recommended to take painkillers as précised by the doctor and not too much.

6.  Excessive alcohol

Alcohol gives you problems when you start liking it too much.  According to the reports, men who drink more than 3 times per day and women who drink two times per day likely get depression, cancers and liver damage,

7. Sunburns

People love the tan look. They fail to realize the fact that, excessive use of sunscreen can destroy the fiber which is present in your skin.  After some time your skin begin to age prematurely which destroys your natural elastic skin, 

8.  Loss of sleep

People give work importance so much that they tend to degrade their health. Loss of sleep for a few hours can make you depressed and swipe away the body’s natural ability to fight pathogens and germs. Thus a good sleep of 8 hours is recommended,

9. No exercise

 All work and no play make a person depressed.  This because your body starts getting fats in areas where it should not accumulate. In no time you are suffering with obesity and getting other disease like diabetes and thyroid.

10 social media

People post their pictures to show their happy life in social media. A person who has been suffering from illness and financial situation can get depressed watching that. The individual might think that his life is a waste since the other guy is so successful. Thus quit checking out social media the time and concrete on how to become productive on your own time frame.

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